Fixed priced mastering

Professional mastering of all genres with a quick turnaround time.

Audio Restoration

Restoration of old recordings, removing azimuth, wow, flutter and noise issues.

Fixed price mastering

No flashy website, no list of ancient analogue outboard equipment, just no-nonsense professional mastering with a quick turnaround time from a SoundGym certified engineer. We provide a master for streaming, an instrumental master for streaming (level matched and boosted), a live version (if required, similar to instrumental but may contain backing vocals. This version is louder than the streaming version and contains more mono information, as most clubs have mono sound systems), a CD version (on request). All for a fixed price of £26 (no VAT). Free revisions for 30 days. Please listen to the after / before samples below.

Audio restoration

Do you have an old analogue tape that’s stretched? Maybe a bad DAT tape? We can now attempt to restore old analogue / digital material. All source material will be digitised and then processed for azimuth, wow / flutter, noise, drop out and various other issues. We will attempt to clean up the source material as good as possible. We’ve even isolated vocals and replaced drum tracks on some very bad recordings. Please have a listen to the samples below.

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Please give me a call on 0117 2870147 anytime (Please note that due to spam / scam calls this will go straight to a messaging service, please leave me your number or a time when you will call back and I’ll be sure to answer). Please note, we no longer offer live recording, tracking or mixing services.

You can send me a message in the box opposite or contact me at You can send me ‘WeTransfer’ / ‘GoogleDrive’ / or ‘dropbox’ links with your content, also any links to references (‘Spotify’, ‘Amazon music’, etc.). (Terms and conditions apply).

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