Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.woodlandslanemastering.com.


If you attach links to your tracks it is assumed you want them mastered, you then enter into an agreement that you will pay the sum of £28 per track. You have 30 days to request any revisions to the mastered track, this is timed from the point the track is uploaded to our transfer provider. If you are a new client the track(s) will be provided with an audio ‘water mark’ that is audible. On payment you will be sent a link to the un-watermarked track(s). You will not be able to download any tracks until payment is made. Payment is by Paypal, either on Filepass directly or you will be sent an email invoice. By making payment you are still able to request revisions for the 30 days. CD versions are not usually provided unless requested. There is no bulk discount, it takes 10 times as long to process 10 tracks as it does one. If your first question is ‘what gear do you have?’ then please go elsewhere. I will endeavour to do whatever I think is the best for your track.

Audio restoration

I will always provide a quote for audio restoration as depending on the work involved the amount of time varies greatly. The minimum charge is £50. You can provide physical media, there will be an additional charge for transferring this. I use 3rd parties to transfer the more esoteric media, I will pass the cost directly on with no additions. Transfer fees must be paid upfront.